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Our Ureterscopic Solution to Lower Cost and Higher Quality

— Joseph M. Ciccone, M.D., F.A.C.S., Division of Urologic Surgery, Atrius Health/Beth Israel Lahey Health, Instructor, Harvard Medical School


With decades of experience, Marc is respected among industry leaders and surgeons in multiple specialties. He is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery with particular expertise in the subtleties of converting from reusable to disposable equipment. I eagerly await utilizing his Ureteroscope. With an unprecedented cost savings benefit to the hospital, this will truly be a game changer and new gold standard in upper urinary tract endoscopy.”

Our solution involves improved efficiency and lower overall procedural costs, while maintaining superior quality.

EconoScope System Image.jpg

The EconoScope: Our Flexible Digital Hybrid Disposable Ureteroscope

Today, there are two primary surgical treatments for kidney stones: non-invasive ESWL (extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy -> ultrasound used to breakup stones) and minimally invasive flexible retrograde ureteroscopy. The balance between these two dominant competing treatments is trending towards ureteroscopy, mainly due to the much improved resulting stone-free rates (eliminating stones in one procedural session).

We plan to deliver high quality ureteroscopy at a far less cost compared to competitive ureteroscopes, while minimizing the need for expensive and space-demanding complementary products such as light sources, light cables, camera boxes, and camera heads.  

Our shaft is disposable, which means:

  • Low acquisition costs

  • Pre-packaged and sterilized shafts -> immediately ready for use

  • No maintenance costs, and 

  • No repair costs

EconoScope 3-4 Front Right_clipped.png
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