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Marc Levinson


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Marc Levinson is an entrepreneurial executive who has marketed and invented medical devices that solve current problems and enhance the surgeon’s procedural competency. He is focused on developing products in the early-to-growth stage, and then

bringing them to commercial success—products that fulfill a meaningful mission.


Marc is currently the Chief Executive Officer at EndoVentions Medical, a biotech company that aims to solve technical problems in medical devices for surgeons, worldwide, by developing user-friendly, cost-effective, and superior products. EndoVentions is in development on three novel products that will fundamentally change how physicians choose their instrumentation to maximize procedural efficiency, minimize per procedural costs, and ensure successful outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Marc has consulted with organizations such as World of Medicine, Silhouette Medical, Interlace Medical, Emmy Medical, and Boston Surgical Arts. Over the past 30 years, Marc has led the marketing efforts for both large and small companies, as well as startup ventures. In every position during his professional career, Marc succeeded in increasing revenue year-over-year.


Marc has had leadership marketing positions with Richard Wolf Medical, Olympus Surgical, and Karl Storz Endoscopy in gynecology, urology, and general surgery with a special focus in endoscope development.


As a consummate leader with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the medical device field, Marc has the unique ability to interpret and simplify technical nomenclature and clinical information into understandable terms that all stakeholders can readily translate into actionable programs.

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